1-click Email Sharing for GMail™

Save and share any email easily with others with a simple direct link in just one click. They'll see the content on a nicely formatted single page. Like screenshots, but for email!

What is EmailShot

Easily share any newsletter , special offer or receipt with friends. You can also use it to include a copy of any email to a support ticket in Notion, Jira, Google Docs, etc. Or even increase subscriptions for your newsletter by sharing it through WhatsApp or Telegram group chats.

Install Emailshot for GMail™

Security and privacy are key features of EmailShot: Only you can share exported emails, you can even define for how long an email should be accessible, add extra security by requiring a password, remove sender and recipient addresses and more. is the easiest way to share an email with anyone, in a 100% safe and private way. All GMail accounts supported, including Google Workspace.